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Teacher-only training: The Body Aligned - Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Injury.

November 2018 - January 2019 (3 weekends)

Practical functional anatomy, teaching to avoid injury, & dealing with the injuries people already have. Practical, hands-on, lots of Q&A, and all the anatomy you really need as a yoga teacher! 60 hour YAP Further Training course over three weekends Nov, Dec 2018 & Jan 2019. Chester.

Teacher-only training: The Body Athletic - Teaching Yoga to Athletes & in Sport.

February 2019 - September 2019 (5 weekends)

Learn to teach athletes effectively and safely - aimed at yoga teachers, but also personal trainers, soft tissue workers, physios, pilates teachers etc with an interest in yoga. Five weekends starting February 2019 through to September 2019. YAP vocational Yoga in Sport accreditation. London.


Practical functional anatomy, teaching to avoid injury & dealing with the injuries people already have

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A 60 hour 3 long-weekend course. Yoga Alliance Professionals Further Training accredited.

November, December 2018 & January 2019  (Friday pm, Sat & Sun)

Based Chester (easy 2 hour direct access from London)

Course Overview

  • Forget the fancy stuff, this is the functional anatomy you really, really need as a yoga teacher.
  • Understand what we mean by good movement - what is appropriate flexibility, normal stability - and how you can assess them!
  • Learn what is OK in how we move, and what is not OK.
  • Understand the common yoga-injury list and how to teach to avoid injuring others.
  • Learn about the common injuries people have and standard rehab, and how you can help
  • Plus the actually helpful fancy stuff! How fascia changes our approach to flexibiltiy; breath and stability; tensegrity not rigidity.
  • Practical, lots of hands-on, lots of Q&A, and lots of fun.You will be a better teacher!

 Aimed at

  • Yoga teachers
  • Personal trainers, pilates teachers and other movement teachers


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"Fantastic and inspirational course which took my teaching AND learning to a new level of understanding. The detail is incredible, providing vital knowledge about anatomy and how the body works...If you're interested in becoming a better Yoga teacher this course is fantastic! "

Wil Hesketh, Registered Yoga Teacher

"Hugely recommended! This course takes your training and understanding of the body, its movements, restrictions, injuries and how to assist someone to the next level. The course gives you more confidence to question what is happening with an individual and how to help them."

Nicola Offord, Registered Yoga Teacher




           Sarah-working-with-Ryan-Giggs         Yoga Alliance Member

 A 5 weekend course where you will learn to work safely, confidently & successfully with athletes!



This is the first course teaching the new Yoga Alliance Professioinals Yoga for Athletes & Sport vocational accreditation! Including new module - Mindfulness & Mindflow for Athletes & Performance.

Course Overview

  • Teach safely, confidently and successfully with athletes & in sport.
  • Learn to assess & understand the movement restrictions / dysfunctions of an individual or group.
  • Sequence & adjust confidently knowing that you are doing the absolute best for the group you are working with.
  • Teach confidently using both flexibility & stability to create good movement patterns.
  • Mindfluness & Mindflow for athletes and performance.
  • Create positive professional working relations & results with athletes & medical / conditioning staff.

 Aimed at

  • RYT200 (or equivalent) yoga teachers
  • OR
  • Pilates teachers, personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, soft tissue therapists or equivalent.

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What people are saying about The Body Athletic

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Sarah’s enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. I come away from every session feeling inspired, wanting to learn more & keen to pass on my knowledge for the benefit of others. For anyone with an interest in Yoga for Sport, this course is a must.

Sheila McVitty Registered Yoga Teacher, Everton Football Club

Sarah’s vast knowledge, expertise & experience in the area are very evident. I was able to take the principles & techniques learned on the course & implement them into my daily sessions with players from day one.

Robert Fox, Academy Srength & Conditioning Coach, Stoke City FC



About Sarah Ramsden's Work

Ramsden’s exercises adapt yoga poses to a tailored fitness programme, and her work is taken very seriously at Old Trafford.

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