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The Body Athletic - Teaching Yoga to Athletes & in Sport. (click for more details)

Online AND In-Studio  SOLD OUT!!!

YAP Specialist Yoga Teacher (Sport) Accreditation

January - September 2021 (5 weekends)


Learn to teach athletes effectively and safely - aimed at yoga teachers, but also personal trainers, soft tissue workers, physios, pilates teachers etc with an interest in yoga. Five weekends January 2021 through to September 2021. YAP Specialist Teacher Training (Sport) accreditation. London, Triyoga. Click above or scroll for details below.


The Body Aligned - Yoga, Functional Anatomy & Injury (click for more details)

 Teacher-Only YAP approved FurtherTraining

January - March 2022 (3 weekends)

 Practical functional anatomy, teaching to avoid injury, & dealing with the injuries people already have. Practical, hands-on, lots of Q&A, and all the anatomy you really need as a yoga teacher! 60 hour YAP Further Training course over three weekends October, November & December 2020. Chester (2hr direct train from London and easy road access). click above or scroll for details below.


Workshops for 2020 (click on each for more information)

How Much Stretch is Too Much? - Online only, November 21st 2020

Yoga & Injury: A Brief Guide to Everything You Never Wanted to Know, Om Yoga Show London, 16 - 18th October 2020 - CANCELLED


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And about me...

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Sarah Ramsden with Ryan Giggs for his Giggs Fitness dvd

A 5 weekend course where you will learn to work safely, confidently & successfully with athletes!


Triyoga, London & Online

The only YAP accredited Specialst Teacher (Sport) course!

Including new modules - Psychology of Working with Athletes, and Mindfulness & Mindflow for Athletes & Performance.

Course Overview

  • Teach safely, confidently and successfully with athletes & in sport.
  • Learn to assess & understand the movement restrictions / dysfunctions of an individual or group.
  • Sequence & adjust confidently knowing that you are doing the absolute best for the group you are working with.
  • Teach confidently using both flexibility & stability to create good movement patterns.
  • Mindfluness & Mindflow for athletes and performance.
  • Create positive professional working relations & results with athletes & medical / conditioning staff.

 Aimed at

  • RYT200 (or equivalent) yoga teachers
  • OR
  • Pilates teachers, personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, soft tissue therapists or equivalent.

Download course and booking details 

What people are saying about The Body Athletic - testimonials & reviews

Terms & Conditions & Course Policy Documents

 Is this course totally right for you?

Sarah’s enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. I come away from every session feeling inspired, wanting to learn more & keen to pass on my knowledge for the benefit of others. For anyone with an interest in Yoga for Sport, this course is a must.

Sheila McVitty Registered Yoga Teacher, Everton Football Club

Sarah’s vast knowledge, expertise & experience in the area are very evident. I was able to take the principles & techniques learned on the course & implement them into my daily sessions with players from day one.

Robert Fox, Academy Srength & Conditioning Coach, Stoke City FC



Practical functional anatomy, teaching to avoid injury & dealing with the injuries people already have

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A 60 hour 3 weekend course. Yoga Alliance Professionals Further Training accredited.

January, February & March 2022

Based Chester (easy road access & 2 hour direct access from London)

Course Overview

  • Forget the fancy stuff, this is the functional anatomy you really, really need as a yoga teacher.
  • Understand what we mean by good movement - what is appropriate flexibility, normal stability - and how you can assess them!
  • Learn what is OK in how we move, and what is not OK.
  • Understand the common yoga-injury list and how to teach to avoid injuring others.
  • Learn about the common injuries people have and standard rehab, and how you can help
  • Plus the actually helpful fancy stuff! How fascia changes our approach to flexibiltiy; breath and stability; tensegrity not rigidity.
  • Practical, lots of hands-on, lots of Q&A, and lots of fun.You will be a better teacher!

 Aimed at

  • Yoga teachers
  • Personal trainers, pilates teachers and other movement teachers

Download course details and booking form

What people are saying about The Body Aligned - testimonials & reviews

Location, travel & accommodation details

Course Policy Documents

"Fantastic and inspirational course which took my teaching AND learning to a new level of understanding. The detail is incredible, providing vital knowledge about anatomy and how the body works...If you're interested in becoming a better Yoga teacher this course is fantastic! "

Wil Hesketh, Registered Yoga Teacher

"Hugely recommended! This course takes your training and understanding of the body, its movements, restrictions, injuries and how to assist someone to the next level. The course gives you more confidence to question what is happening with an individual and how to help them."

Nicola Offord, Registered Yoga Teacher



ONLINE, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 21ST 2020, 09:30 - 12:30 - recording avilable for 7 days!

How Much Stretch Is Too Much 










Understand safe teaching within the standard limits of flexibility

Endless flexibility is not a good idea – it destabilises joints and increases injury. Yet enabling stiff people to become more flexible is a really good idea – it decreases injury and allows good movement patterns.

So as teachers, how do we know how much stretch is ‘enough’? And how do we teach that?

This expert workshop led by Sarah Ramsden (long-term yoga teacher at Manchester City & Manchester United football clubs) gives you an introduction to assessing flexibility and understanding how much flexibility is just right for us as human bodies.

Often yoga teachers are very flexible, but as responsible yoga teachers we need to teach others within safe limits appropriate to joint structure. Otherwise we may be doing harm without knowing it.

You will learn:

  • What is appropriate flexibility at major joints?
  • How do we test flexibility – standard Range of Motion testing
  • What does that mean for us as yoga teachers?
  • Adapting key yoga poses for appropriate flexibility
  • Key yoga poses associated with over-stretch injury and how to adapt them for safe teaching

As with all Sarah’s teaching the workshop will be fun, practical, real-world, hands-on with loads of small group work and Q & A. Bring your questions, thoughts, experiences and ideas. You will be a better, more thoughtful teacher!

Booking here 


YOGA & INJURY: Everything you never wanted to know... CANCELLED

OM Yoga Show October 16 - 18th, London

Om London Injury 2020













The workshop you’ll love to hate!

A brief look at the most common yoga-injuries and how to practise and teach to avoid them.

Come with your questions and experiences! For yogis and teachers who thrive on questioning and doing it better! Sarah has taught at Manchester City and Manchester United for over 10 years, and trains yoga teachers in how our amazing functional anatomy can be helped (and made worse!) through yoga.

 Full details and booking click here


About Sarah Ramsden's Work

I have been having yoga classes twice a week for the last three years… has stopped me having back problems that trouble older players.

Gary Speed (1969-2011), whilst at Bolton Wanderers Football Club.


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